Proposte @ Artissima 15

In occasion of the twentieth edition of Proposte, the Culture authority of the Regione Piemonte presented a stand at art fair Artissima 15, dedicated to the last issues of the project Proposte: an exposition area but at the same time container for ideas, cultural laboratory and communication space for artists under 35 from the Regione Piemonte.
The stand was curated by a.titolo and realized by Bastiaan Arler, one of the participants to the last issues of Proposte.
The stand hosted the portfolios of all artists contributing to the project since 2000, and a video by ZEBRA which gives an overview of all issues since 2000. This video was also shown to the public during the exhibition Proposte XXIII.  Below is shown the core animation used for the final video.

Agency: ZEBRA
Client: Regione Piemonte
Year: 2008
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